Kids will have tons of fun participating in activities with friends as our caring and attentive childcare specialists make sure they are safe. We encourage kids to have fun out on the courts, in the gym and in the swimming pool. Recreational classes and competitive leagues ensure that there’s something for kids of all ages and skill levels.

Kids’ facilities

  • • Two Dancing studios
    • Two Art and craft studios
    • Two Soft play jungle gym
    • Two Swimming pools
    • Multipurpose basket ball court
    • Climbing wall
    • Ballet studio
    • IMMA studio
    • Party room
    • Skating area
    • TV and entertainment area
    • Waiting area

Kids’ Classes

  • • Swimming lessons
    • Swimming games
    • Art and craft
    • Basket ball
    • Dodge ball
    • Climbing
    • Ballet
    • Judo
    • Karate
    • Gymnastics
    • Dance classes
    • Born to move class

Special Activities

  • Summer camp
  • Winter camp
  • Birthday party
  • Field trip

Special events

  • Gergean party
  • Eid party
  • Liberation party
  • National day party

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