O2O is a level beyond. It’s training without limits, fueled by the power of transformation and the promise of infinite potential. It’s your body made stronger, your choices made smarter, your life lived better. The O2O program’s purpose is to fully understand your fitness objective while taking into consideration your medical situation, so that we can come with an ideal fitness plan customized to your need, want and goal. O2O aims high, it’s where you can find yourself.

Flex Group Exercise Classes

When customers first join a gym, they are often unsure what they should do or where to start once they step inside. At Flex whether you are a beginner or advanced in fitness, Flex group classes may be your solution.

Joining a class can help build a foundation and structure that you can use to fuel your personal health journey for years to come. Feel Free to download our schedule and start your healthy living now.

  • Flex Fitness Women ( Shaab Al Bahry)
  • Flex Fitness Express (Bneid Al Gar)
  • Flex Fitness Express ( Jahra)
  • Flex Executive

Fitness Programs at Various Flex Location:

  • Pr-Pregnancy exercises
  • Pregnancy & Fitness ; contains 3 programs:
    1. First trimester workout (12 weeks of pregnancy)
    2. Second Trimester workout (months 4 to 7) ”
    3. Third Trimester Fitness : ( Pregnancy, weeks 29-40
  • Postnatal Workout
    • Rehabilitation Programs
    • Before Operation
    • After Operation
    • Rehab Following Injuries ( After injuries):
  • Exercises Rehabilitation for Scoliosis
  • Exercises Rehabilitation for Osteoporosis
  • Exercise Rehabilitation Following Spine Surgery
  • Hydrotherapy Exercises
  • Fat Loss Program
  • Transformers Fit Program (Shape and tone)
  • Belly Dance Academy
  • Physical Preparation before sports exam for PE Student {Swimming or fitness}
  • Physical Preparation Athletes before competition.
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Exercises programs.
  • Seniors Exercise program
  • Customized Fitness programs (Diabetes, Stroke, Heart disease, Cancer).

To find out more about our programs, call us